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Mug-HuggerMug Hugger at Work is an Eco-friendly replacement of old the Hot Plate

At Work

Mug Hugger At Work

At The Office

9738504_xxlBusinesses all over the country are restricting the use of electric “hot plates” at employees desks. The inherent risk and danger associated with electronic warmers is just not worth the risk of injury or property damage. Traditional cup warmers and hot plates run on electricity and provide little in the way of inherent safety features. Mug Hugger is inherently safe as it requires no electricity after initial warming. Simply take it with you on your next visit to the coffee station, pop it in the microwave for 90 seconds¬† and it keeps your beverage warm for up to 90 minutes. A perfectly safe way to enjoy your beverage longer, safer and Eco-friendly construction.


At School

Teachers and students alike love the Mug Hugger at work. In between classes, a simple warm-up in the microwave and now both teacher or student can enjoy their favorite warm beverage all class long.

In the world of dormitories, students have a lot going on. With class work deadlines, uninterrupted time to concentrate is a premium. Keeping warm beverages warm is a huge benefit and Mug Huggers size and stability also reduces the risk of spills; and no more ruined homework!

On The Job Site

Mug Hugger is perfect for those who work at a remote job site. A  microwave may not be available at all times during the day. Contractors and construction crews love the Mug Hugger while working on a job site. They can heat up their Mug Hugger while in the office and take it with them to their mobile work site; enjoying their warm beverage for up to 90 minutes. Those cold mornings can be tough, but that warm coffee makes things just a bit more tolerable.

Long Haul Truckers enjoy their warm beverages and the Mug Hugger can help insure it stays warm to the last drop. The 5″wide base of the Mug Hugger provides a stable ride for those beverages too.