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Mug-HuggerThe Story - Mug-Hugger

The Story

The Mug Hugger Story

When Jeanne Caligiuri worked as a cubicle dweller for a corporation; she noticed her coffee and tea would get cold within 20 minutes. Consequently, there was a lot of wasted time leaving her desk to refresh hot beverages. On several occasions, Jeanne had accidentally spilled the contents of her mug all over the paperwork on her desk…sound familiar?

In the search to find credible solutions to these problems, Jeanne only found a small hot plate for sale that served as a partial solution to her dilemma. As much as the hotplate did keep the mug hot, it was also an electrical hazard, promoted a greater risk of spillage and used unnecessary amounts of electricity.

Searching for a solution was frustrating, so Jeanne decided to solve her own problem. The solution seemed simple…find a material that could be heated once and store that heat for an hour or so. She began to create prototypes using different materials from her own kitchen. After careful research and testing procedures, she finally discovered an eco-friendly product that prolongs the temperature of hot beverages for over an hour and comfortably holds the average size mug.

Inspired by the results, Jeanne carried her idea to fruition and developed a patented solution to the problems she identified. Jeanne fondly named her invention the “Mug Hugger”.

On behalf of Jeanne and Mug Hugger we invite you to love the Mug Hugger as much as we do and of course “Show your mug some love and get the Mug Hugger”!