Mug Hugger will¬† be the talk of the RV park! It makes a perfect addition to your RV “must have” checklist. Keep your coffee/tea warm while enjoying conversations with the neighbors, driving or just sitting in your favorite chair taking in the sunset.¬† Make sure to order a couple more to share, because you’re sure to draw a crowd.


When you spend time outdoors, often times you are exposed to adverse conditions such as cold night or morning air. Now you can fight the cold air with the Mug Hugger. Take it along on fishing trips, sports matches, or long car rides. Mug Hugger’s durable construction and stability works well in many outdoor environments while traveling.


When you are traveling, make sure your hotel room has a microwave and you will enjoy warm liquids even while in your room. Make your own coffee in your room or bring your favorite hot beverage up from the hotel lobby. As long as you have your Mug Hugger, you will always have a warm beverage.